Humane Treatment

Humane Treatment of Livestock

Ranchers’ and Cowboys’ livelihood is completely dependent on how well they care for their animals.  That is the #1 reason that ranchers and cowboys believe they have to be as gentle as possible and still get the job done.  If the rancher is a beef producer, it is imperative that the animal is well cared for with the least amount of stress required because the quality of the end product—the beef that we eat—is affected by the cow’s treatment.  Gentle, efficient treatment results in better quality beef.

Cattle are a very large, dumb beast and they do not always cooperate—so a cowboy has to be very good at his job to be able to do what is necessary with the least amount of trauma to the animal.

This same belief carries over to ranch rodeo events and horse competitions.  In both the Big Bend Ranch Rodeo rules and the Ranch Horse Association of America competition rules, it clearly states that any inhumane treatment of any livestock will not be tolerated and could result in disqualification.

A ranch rodeo in its very definition, portrays events that would actually happen on a ranch and The Big Bend Ranch Rodeo takes every precaution to insure humane treatment of the livestock just as a rancher would.  We are very lucky that all the cattle for this rodeo are donated by area ranchers and we could not produce this rodeo if this were not the case.  We take very seriously the responsibility of handling this livestock in a humane manner.