Ranch Cutting

Ranch Cutting Horse Competition

One of the finest displays of a horse’s ability and connection with the rider is the ranch cutting competition.

The discipline of cutting is a timed and judged horse event where the cutter on a highly trained horse, assisted by four helpers, can select or “cut” a cow out of a herd and hold the cow until it is released back to the herd . When the cow is cut out of the herd, the horse on its own, will move, turn or mirror the cow. The horse has control of the cow without help from the rider, showing the true athletic abilities, instincts and mental aptitudes of the horse. Cutting skills are a necessity and are used daily on working ranches to separate, brand and doctor cattle.

For more information on the Ranch Cutting Competition and entry information, call Chris Lacy at 432-556-6948.

Photos courtesy of 
Scott Van Osdol, Photographer
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Communication Arts Photo Annual 2018


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