Youth Competition

Youth Working Cow Horse Competition

The real cowboys start early. The grown-up, real-life cowboys are exciting to watch and that is partly because they have doing this since they were sometimes only months old.

The opportunity to see kids and teens display their talents and those of their horses is at the Youth Working Cow Horse Competition, which originated at the Big Bend Ranch Rodeo and has now spread to other Ranch Rodeos and the WRCA World Championship in Amarillo in November. The 1st and 2nd place winners in each division (there are 2 division, split into age groups; juniors are 12 and under and seniors are 13-17) will advance to the nationals

These youngsters are following in the boot-steps of the fathers and grandfathers who make their living working as cowboys. It is not an easy contest, once the contestant and horse enter the arena, they face two segments---what is called the “dry work” portion and the “cow work” portion and they have a 5 minute time limit.

In the first segment, contestants must complete a reining pattern of their choice, but they must include: roll back at least once in each direction, go in at least 4 circles, at least 2 lead changes (1 in each direction), complete at least 2 stops, spins, and stopping and backing at least 15 feet.

Next comes the cow work, where the contestant calls for the cow and then must box it at the end of the arena (showing control) and then must take it down the fence line and turn it back at least once in each direction. The contestant then circles the cow in the middle of the arena in both directions and pulls up to signal that the run is completed.

THANK YOU to Mary Ann and John Luedecke for handling this competition.

For more information on the Youth competition and entry information, call Mary Ann Luedecke at 432-426-3287 or John Luedecke at 432-386-7966.


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