Big Bend Ranch Rodeo 2020


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Past Big Bend Ranch Rodeo Champions


Champion: Rocker b Ranch of Barnhart, TX
2nd Place: Sandhill Cattle Company/Flying N team from Earth, TX
3rd Place: Detwiler Cattle/Heck Cattle team from Childress, TX and Clarendon, TX
Top Horse: Mr. TLC Paddy Three ridden by Tyler Thompson
Top Hand: Colten Jackson, from the Smith Cattle Company Team


Champion: Thompson Ranch from Munday, TX
2nd Place: Veale Ranch/TeePee Cattle Team from Parker & Tarrant Counties
3rd Place: The Detwiler Cattle/Heck Cattle Team from Childress & Clarendon
Top Horse: ROSCOE of Wilson Cattle/Haystack Cattle
Top Hand: Cutter McClain from the Detwiler Cattle/Heck Cattle Team 


Champion: Thompson Ranch from Munday, TX
2nd Place: Diamond H/+C team from Gunter, TX
3rd Place: Angell Ranch from southeastern New Mexico
Top Horse: JP (Angell Ranch)
Top Hand: Tyler Thompson (Thompson Ranch)


Champion: Stewart Ranch from Munday, TX
2nd Place: Palo Duro Ranch/Smith Cattle Co from Gruver, TX
3rd Place: Bonds Ranch from Fort Worth, TX
Top Horse: STRANDER (Crossroads Ranch)
Top Hand: Ray Bradley (Stewart Ranch)


Champion: JO Bar/Hatchet Ranches
2nd Place: Palo Duro Ranch/Lazy 11 Cattle Co from Gruver, TX
3rd Place: Reding/Lochhead Ranches from Denton County, TX
Top Horse: GEE (Palo Duro Ranch/Lazy 11 Cattle Co)
Top Hand: Clint Jackson (Palo Duro Ranch/Lazy 11 Cattle Co)


Champion: Angell Ranch
2nd Place: Myers Cattle Co
3rd Place: Spires/Hager Ranch
Top Horse: GRINCH (Slash B/Dagger Draw)
Top Hand: Chris Price (Angell Ranch)


Champion: Slash B/Dagger Draw
2nd Place: Driver Land and Cattle
3rd Place: Crossroads/Higg Ranches
Top Horse: GRUMPY (Hager Ranch)  
Top Hand: Buddy Thomas (Spires Land and Cattle)

2012 Champion: Schneemann Ranch
2011 Champion: Reeder/Hatchet Ranches
2010 Champion: Hatchet/10X Ranches
2009 Champion: Hatchet/10X Ranches
2008 Champion: Milliron/Crutch Ranches
2007Champion: Turkey Track/Martin Ranches

2006 Champion: Milliron L/Clark Ranches
2005 Champion: Masterson Ranch
2004 Champion: NT/J&L Cattle
2003 Champion: NT Ranch
2002 Champion: Indian Canyon & Williams Ranch
2001 Champion: CF Ranch


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