Big Bend Ranch Rodeo 2020


The 2020 Big Bend Ranch Rodeo is now in the record books. The August 7th-8th event was full of excitement, sportsmanship and suspense. The best cowboys from Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma are always amazing as they show off their skills. We continued the “2 go” format and the cowboys provided lots of excitement and entertainment for the spectators each evening. Even with the restrictions of the COVID-19 protocol, we had 2 action packed evenings with an excited crowd.

CONGRATULATIONS to the Smith Cattle Company from Channing, TX who were the 2020 BBRR Champions. Besides cash and prizes, the team wins an automatic bid to the Working Ranch Cowboys Association World Championships held in November in Amarillo, TX. The Smith Cattle Company scored points in almost all five events on both Friday evening and Saturday evening.

Smith Cattle Company, owned by Mike Smith and managed by Clint Jackson, is located in Channing, TX. A cow/calf operation with a yearling program and feedyards, Smith Cattle was established in 1984 and brands a BAR AK. Clint Jackson captained the team and Colten Jackson rode the bronc and won the event. Rounding out the team were Wesley Jackson, Taylor Burkett, Sheldon Fields and Monty Terkyl.

The Smith Cattle team also took home the top 2 individual awards: Top Horse winner was ROWDY METALLIC, a 7 year old Sorrel Gelding ridden by Colten Jackson and Mr. Jackson also won the Top Hand award. These choices were made by the rodeo judges.

Placing second was the Redwine/Spike Box team from Throckmorton, Texas and Knox County.

 Placing third was the Quien Sabe Ranch team from Sweetwater, TX.


Top Hand: Colten Jackson, Smith Cattle Company


Top Horse: ROWDY METALLIC - 7 yr old Sorrel Gelding ridden by Colten Jackson


Champion Bronc Riding: Colten Jackson, Smith Cattle Company


Champion Wild Cow Milking: Tie - Double Diamond/7 Bar and Redwind/SpikeBox


Champion Team Doctoring: Tie - Smith Cattle Company, Heck/Detwiler Cattle Companies and Quien Sabe Ranch


Champion Team Sorting: Diamond H/Plus C


Champion Team Branding: Redwine/SpikeBox


Results from the other weekend events are:
RHAA Competition:
BOX DRIVE BOX DRIVE CLASS: 1st Place: Tie between Cade Cravens and Clay Miller 3rd Place: Levens Peebles
WRANGLER CLASS: 1st Place: Levi Jones, 2nd Place: Brooks Jobe
RANCH HAND CLASS: 1st Place: Clint Jones 2nd Place: Tiffany McLaurey
COWBOY CLASS: 1st Place: Ryan McCory 2nd Place: Travis Alcorn
JUNIOR CLASS: 1st Place: Gatlin Duncan 2nd Place: Maeghan Teyke 3rd Place: JT Suringa
SENIOR CLASS: 1st Place: Wes Housler, 2nd Place: Jake Murray, 3rd Place: Elizabeth Yeary

Youth Working Cowhorse Competition:
JUNIORS (12 and under): 1st Place: Kree Owenby 2nd Place: Levens Peebles 3rd Place: Cade Cravens 4th Place: Levens Peebles
SENIORS (13 and over): 1st Place: Rance Peebles 2nd Place: Riley Cravens 3rd Place: Kylie King
The winner of each class in this youth competition wins an automatic bid to the Championships in Amarillo.

Producing the BBRR this year was made more challenging than usual by the COVID-19 pandemic and as always the rodeo has been supported by many, many Big Bend community businesses, without whose support this Rodeo would not be possible. THANK YOU to everyone who has supported us.

We have already starting planning for the 2021 Big Bend Ranch Rodeo so, mark your calendar for August 13-14, 2021. You do not want to miss the fun!

Past Big Bend Ranch Rodeo Champions


Champion: Rocker b Ranch of Barnhart, TX
2nd Place: Sandhill Cattle Company/Flying N team from Earth, TX
3rd Place: Detwiler Cattle/Heck Cattle team from Childress, TX and Clarendon, TX
Top Horse: Mr. TLC Paddy Three ridden by Tyler Thompson
Top Hand: Colten Jackson, from the Smith Cattle Company Team


Champion: Thompson Ranch from Munday, TX
2nd Place: Veale Ranch/TeePee Cattle Team from Parker & Tarrant Counties
3rd Place: The Detwiler Cattle/Heck Cattle Team from Childress & Clarendon
Top Horse: ROSCOE of Wilson Cattle/Haystack Cattle
Top Hand: Cutter McClain from the Detwiler Cattle/Heck Cattle Team 


Champion: Thompson Ranch from Munday, TX
2nd Place: Diamond H/+C team from Gunter, TX
3rd Place: Angell Ranch from southeastern New Mexico
Top Horse: JP (Angell Ranch)
Top Hand: Tyler Thompson (Thompson Ranch)


Champion: Stewart Ranch from Munday, TX
2nd Place: Palo Duro Ranch/Smith Cattle Co from Gruver, TX
3rd Place: Bonds Ranch from Fort Worth, TX
Top Horse: STRANDER (Crossroads Ranch)
Top Hand: Ray Bradley (Stewart Ranch)


Champion: JO Bar/Hatchet Ranches
2nd Place: Palo Duro Ranch/Lazy 11 Cattle Co from Gruver, TX
3rd Place: Reding/Lochhead Ranches from Denton County, TX
Top Horse: GEE (Palo Duro Ranch/Lazy 11 Cattle Co)
Top Hand: Clint Jackson (Palo Duro Ranch/Lazy 11 Cattle Co)


Champion: Angell Ranch
2nd Place: Myers Cattle Co
3rd Place: Spires/Hager Ranch
Top Horse: GRINCH (Slash B/Dagger Draw)
Top Hand: Chris Price (Angell Ranch)


Champion: Slash B/Dagger Draw
2nd Place: Driver Land and Cattle
3rd Place: Crossroads/Higg Ranches
Top Horse: GRUMPY (Hager Ranch)  
Top Hand: Buddy Thomas (Spires Land and Cattle)

2012 Champion: Schneemann Ranch
2011 Champion: Reeder/Hatchet Ranches
2010 Champion: Hatchet/10X Ranches
2009 Champion: Hatchet/10X Ranches
2008 Champion: Milliron/Crutch Ranches
2007Champion: Turkey Track/Martin Ranches

2006 Champion: Milliron L/Clark Ranches
2005 Champion: Masterson Ranch
2004 Champion: NT/J&L Cattle
2003 Champion: NT Ranch
2002 Champion: Indian Canyon & Williams Ranch
2001 Champion: CF Ranch


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